Our Team

In 2017 the Giant Puppet Project went through a behind the scenes transformation. Hiring Khmer staff to keep the program Cambodian centric, while keep longstanding traditions of recruiting experienced foreign volunteers to help build the capacity of our Puppet team.

Stuart Cochlin – Co-founder

Stuart has a clear plan for the future of the project, he wants to make himself completely redundant and watch as the entire project is Khmer managed. Stuart, an architect hailing from London now firmly based in Siem Reap, co-founded the project in 2007, and has proudly witnessed its massive growth and respected recognition since its inception.

Ouk Sothirak – Manager

Sothirak is from Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia. He graduated in Siem Reap with a degree in Civil Engineer . Sothirak has been working on The Giant Puppet Project since 2009 and is currently the Program Manager. He is proud to be part of The Giant Puppet Project.

Oun Savann – Khmer Media Relation

Savann has exhibited his art work in Perth, Australia and in Singapore. Past exhibitions in Cambodia include work at The Art House, the French Cultural Centre, Red Gallery, Amansara Resort, Hotel de la Paix, Make Maek Art Space, Angkor Night Market, Art Deli, ARTillery, 1961 Gallery, Palade Angkor and On 2 Art Gallery.
When asked about his arts practice, Savann writes: “I always use my imagination to see something new, but I always look to the past to create the future. Your eyes are looking to the heart of the artist.”

Phalla Yai – Accountant/Workshop Manager

I was born and raised in Battambang city. I graduated with a BA degree in Accounting in 2012. In the past year, I worked on several interesting projects in Cambodia  – recently as an accountant for Netflix film and a Survivor TV production. I am now a freelancer in accounting and translations. I love traveling and learn new things.

The Cambodian Artists

The GPP comprises a team of 15 Cambodian artists from Battambang, a province in the west of Cambodia. Battambang is one of only two provinces in Cambodia where there is a recognized visual arts school – Phare Phonleu Selapak. Together with our other international volunteers, a Master Class is held at Wat Damnak and the first puppet of the year is born.

Lucy Gaskell – Lighting Volunteer

Lucy Gaskell a lighting designer from Cornwall (currently still part of the UK but that’s another story…)
This is my fourth year working on the Giant Puppet Project in Siem Reap. When not playing Zip Zap Boing or trying to pronounce Chnang’n naa I’m usually lighting an event or installation in a reclaimed clay pit (Eden Project), palace (Kensington), National Trust stately home or a wind blasted Cornish cliff. More info on my website: www.cqlighting.co.uk

Parade Volunteers

Over 100 Khmer and foreign volunteers, volunteer on the nite of the event – from traffic control, to bucket collection, to water stations, crowd control etc. Every year amazing volunteers help make the event a resounding success!